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ValueLogic took my product concept and turned it into a slick and functioning app.
I would say that’s pretty groundbreaking!

Joshua Gofman Founder of EatApp

Joshua Gofman
Why us?

We build partnerships, not just software

We simplify the process of building complex solutions by always focusing on two key aspects: Time to Market and Return on Investment. We pool our experience and find ways to build quality and business value faster, and within budget.


Our business relationships often begin through recommendation

We start from a platform of trust that allows us to speak openly and honestly, to assess the best path to success. We’re not afraid of hard discussions because our clients know that we will deliver a solution that brings business value


Even quality technology only brings business value if it has purpose.

We build a partnership with your business and approach every solution with common sense. We design, develop and implement solutions that will help your business grow. We stand for quality with logic and value.


We are professional and confident, but human.

Our people are not just tech-smart. We choose developers who can give guidance and support, understanding and explaining the business value of what we want to deliver.


People talk...


Our approach

Our work

Company overview

We are strongly business-oriented tech experts. Software engineering is our passion and we always think how innovative technology can better respond to business needs. Have a look at VaueLogic’s overview and get to know us better.

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