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About us

Relax we’re experts

We’re your technology partners. We share knowledge, look for out-of-the-box solutions, develop cooperation standards to give you more than just a regular software house.

About us

Relax we’re experts

Valuelogic - About us


Long story short


In the beginning 3 people 2 cities and one visionTogether ValueLogic was born

Soon after our partnership with ImmobilienScoutgrew further our Real Estate Solutions

Next we amplified our portfolioby welcoming Zalando on board

We saw our range of servicesexpand from Digital Transformation, Product Design, delivery and Team as a service

Partners saw our value90% of customers from referrals leading to our numbers growing by 150% in just 2 years.

Now global we start sharing our expertisealongside Google creating an innovative AI, IoT project and later merging with Software Mind.

Pushing the envelope and boundaries of technology we founded Tech-Republics: Block Blockchain, Frontend, Machine Learning and SEO.


They know us better
than anyone

They know us better than anyone

Our values

We listen to your needs

and transform technologies into ready-made solutions

Clear communication

Clear communication

We will provide you with a detailed action plan and tell you about the possible solutions in an understanding way. We answer your questions and take your concerns seriously. We want you to make well-informed business decisions based on a complete set of information and guidance from us.

Knowledgde sharing

Knowledge sharing

You will gain a new perspective on your business - very often a confrontation of your ideas can lead you on the path of new discoveries We match the level of expertise of the developers to your project. We are a mature organization, our experts do not learn on your project, but share their own experiences.

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

Our PMs make sure that you receive up-to-date information about the progress of the project. We get into the project 100%, we are in touch with you on a regular basis, we share tools that make your work easier. Most importantly: VL experts and your experts create a strong project team.



We will show you how technologies transform your business, choose effective measures and optimize your budget. We know how to keep your software development expenses down. Do not hesitate that technologies are difficult. Entrust this area to us.

Our people

Experts by trade but
humans by design



Working in small teams means great potential - we are agile in organizing ourselves to drive solutions

Innovation motivates us

Innovation motivates us

To know more, we bring technologies such as Blockchain into the company, we organize hackathons, allowing us to test ourselves in new areas

Switched to the code

Switched to the code

What we create for you, the software architecture we offer, we really care about.

About us

Facts only

Valuelogic locations

An innovative global software group

Since 2021 ValueLogic has been part of Software Mind, which empowers companies around the globe with top-notch engineering teams that increase scalability and ramp up software delivery.

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