React Native EU 2018 Conference

Author: Read time: 5 min

More and more often, a mobile app is a must-have for a company. React Native, a trending mobile app library, attracts developers who share their insight and knowledge. ValueLogic was privileged to attend React Native EU 2018 conference, the first event of this type in Central Europe, and here’s what we’ve learned.

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Say hello to devices near you

Author: Read time: 20 min


After a decade of the smartphone era, we are equipped with various means of communication. We have Facebook, Instagram, text messages and simple phone calls for distance communication, and NFC, barcode/QR code scanning, or even IR blasters for the close-range one. And what if we want to communicate with the devices in near vicinity, for example, to easily share a file with everyone in the room during a meeting? 

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