We work fast

We can complete the entire recruitment process in just a few days, usually in just three quick steps. Depending on your availability and preferences, we can conduct an initial phone or video interview with the People & Culture Team, which we can arrange even on the same day we meet you.

If you let us know that you are very keen on a fast hiring process, we will arrange a technical interview with our ValueExperts as early as the day after the first meeting. 

No stress flow – quick and cool recruitment

A recruitment process in which the interviewer barrages candidates with questions and the atmosphere is serious is not our vibe. What we value most is a partnership conversation where both parties are active, ask questions and, above all, are honest with each other. This is what we built our recruitment process on.

  • From the very beginning, we consider you our future partner, whom we will likely work with and drink coffee with within our office (or remotely). Candidates who have already been part of our recruitment process tend to confirm this. We often hear that they didn’t feel like they were being recruited.
  • Each technical interview has its own characteristics, but in most cases, we can describe it as a devtalk – a friendly discussion based on exchanging knowledge and experience. You won’t feel like a student who has to name the capitals of all African countries in front of the whole class. If you are a bit stressed, we try to moderate the meeting and make it more pleasant. We don’t want to create a stressful situation because then we wouldn’t be able to discover your full potential. Of course, we don’t want that!
  • We don’t usually call you Mr./Ms.-this is the culture of our company. As soon as we get to know each other, we treat you like our colleague, despite your position, age and years of experience (Unless you prefer more distance in the beginning and that’s OK too)!


Although the recruitment process has three specific steps, for us, it’s just a general framework, and we don’t always stick to it.

  • You don’t have a resume or it is outdated. Don’t worry!!! You can send it later. At first, we’ll need your updated Linkedin profile and phone number to get a hold of you quickly.
  • If, for some reason, you don’t want to talk to “HR” at the beginning – no problem! We’ll set up a quick meeting directly with our ValueExpert first. We invite you to the next step if you decide that this is what you are looking for/expecting. Remember, though, that at ValueLogic, “HRs” are not so scary. We don’t bite and we don’t waste your wasted precious time asking, “What will you be doing in five years?”
  • We are not a corporate company; we don’t like routines. From the first contact, we try to be a partner and respond appropriately to all your needs. So, for example, if you already have two job offers and need to make quick decisions, don’t hesitate to participate in our recruitment process – we’ll do our best to shorten it and close all the stages within a few days.

Such a recruitment process and its specifics allow you to feel and learn about our company culture from the beginning. Moreover, it also helps you feel more comfortable during your first days at ValueLogic. If you prefer more procedures and a more formal approach to recruitment, you need to ask yourself if ValueLogic is the place for you.

So here it is: ready, set, go! See you in our recruitment process!