TypeScript – when is it worth using?

What is TypeScript?TypeScript is not perfect, however. By design, the developers only wanted to add typin ...

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Scraping Websites with Node.js and GPT: A Powerful Combination for Data Extraction

Node.js provides a robust platform for building web scraping applications, while GPT helps handle dynamic and ...

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AI-Shell – when the Bash command line meets OpenAI API

For the past few months, everything revolves around ChatGPT. I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be cool if I c ...

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Are two bitcoins equal? Part II

CryptoPunks, cats and stonesCurrently, projects related to the so-called NFT are extremely popular in the ...

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Are two bitcoins equal? Part I

Bitcoin as digital moneyMany people believe that bitcoin could become the new payment method we will use ...

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Azure Service Fabric Project Implementation

IntroductionAzure Service Fabric (ASF) was picked as a  microservice provider in the Azure cloud eco ...

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An introduction to blockchain

Blockchain, distributed ledger, and cryptocurrency such as bitcoin have the same underpinning technology wher ...

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A smarter way to parse a set of data from JSON

If your application uses REST API, there’s a great possibility that you came into contact with JSON. To dig ...

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Five tips for creating better React app architecture

Here is some of my advice for creating good architecture for React app based on my work in multiple, differen ...

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