Contract tests: why are they so powerful?

Contract testsCurrently, microservices are one of the most common patterns in software development. New p ...

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Essential accessibility tips for web developers

What is accessibility?Accessibility is very often considered to be making software friendly for people wi ...

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The power of JavaScript’s reduce function

The definitionHave you ever wrote a for loop to iterate over the array to get some value(s) out of it? If ...

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Technical interview – what do you need to know?

As a person who leads technical interviews, I’d like to share a few thoughts to help you prepare and perfo ...

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Top 6 usages of JavaScript

Usages of JavaScript1. Front-end developmentOne of the most known usages of JavaScript is in the fron ...

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Say hello to devices near you with Nearby Messages

What if, however, we want to communicate with the devices in close proximity without bothering about installi ...

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The rise of the Svelte JavaScript framework

About the Svelte JavaScript framework“New” is a big word for a framework that was initially relea ...

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Ready-made frameworks vs self-designed UI

The frontend is a crucial part of every project; after all, it’s the first thing the user sees and your onl ...

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Software tester vs Quality Engineer

Once upon a time, software development was nowhere near as complex as it is today. In many cases, it was a on ...

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