There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence, but in a context that is more clear, ChatGPT has become a kind of celebrity. It answers the most difficult questions, passes more university-level exams, and generates a lot of funny content on social media. It is also known to be a language model that perfectly supports modern business. Is this good information? Of course, it is. If automation is at your fingertips and you can make improvements to your business operations right now, it means that OpenAI has launched an exceptional tool.

What is ChatGPT?

Let’s start at the beginning and explain the famous ChatGPT. The main hero explains it best:

To simplify this definition: it’s the type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to communicate freely and understandably with humans. The GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) model, of which our chat is an implementation, was specifically designed for user interaction. GPT-3 is considered the world’s most outstanding language model.

Although the tool has gained online attention due to the interesting answers it has published on social media, it is more than an intelligent talker. Implementing it properly in business and recognizing the need that AI fills can make your operations more effective in real terms.

Intelligent AI bot is most often used in these areas

  • E-commerce – solves customer problems and answers frequently asked customer questions
  • Modern customer service – when quick response counts, chat provides customer care improving the customer experience
  • Financial services, banking and insurance – answers customer questions about opening an account or insurance details
  • Marketing and advertising – quickly writes advertising content and article plans. It will help in researching information.
  • Real estate industry – real estate listing content is created with his help in no time – in any language.
  • Data analysis – it will analyze natural language and draw conclusions from the data

The use of ChatGPT in marketing is much talked about. It’s a natural direction, as it’s a language model, and so the bot generates free and correct content quickly. However, this way, anyone can ask it for help by signing in to the chat site from OpenAI. The bot works well as a translator and even as a teacher of fluent conversation in a foreign language.

How to integrate ChatGPT into business development?

Implementing ChatGPT requires business customization and a personalized approach. Firstly, CharGPT, in order to become a specific tool, needs to be tailored to the nature of the business, and the types of services provided. An individual attitude to the implementation of the OpenAI bot is necessary. It is important to create a development environment in which to direct the code that connects the tool to the business goal.

To create a tool based on OpenAI’s capabilities, an experienced development team is required. However, it is much easier because it does not require creating a model from scratch, and programmers do not need to be experts in artificial intelligence development to utiize it. 

ValueLogic experts’ ideas for using ChatGPT here and now

In our team, OpenAI tools are not new, and are eagerly used to help developers in their daily work. Our developers themselves have long been creating facilitation work: bots help search for project documentation or become a technological knowledge base. Here are some applications of ChatGPT according to our experts:

  • Quick summarize meetings online

If your teams work remotely, a smart bot will help you sum up the meeting based on the recording. This allows the Project Manager to send the most important information to the teams faster and doesn’t waste time preparing emails.

  • Internal information search engine

Use ChatGPT to simplify the work of development teams. Convert the internal communication channel into a functional tool to solve technology problems and search for files quickly.

  • Product knowledge base

Use FAQs to teach the bot how to answer any question about your product – no matter how it’s worded. This way you create a complete knowledge base about the tool or the company – depending on your needs.

  • Streamline processes within the company

ChatGPT can help you create an employee database using the critical information. Large companies can use this solution for the process of matching specialists to projects. The bot will tell you who stands out with the competencies you are looking for.

  • Consistent communication in social media

ChatGPT is not only a great copywriter. By skillfully using the tool, you can in addition select the right hashtags that will increase the visibility of a post on Instagram, for example, automatically adjust graphics and still arrange post schedules. With programming knowledge, you can ensure that the bot immediately creates the right folders on disk and saves the already created images in them. It not only creates consistent communication, but also organizes the work for the marketing team.

Where else ChatGPT will work?

  • Takeaway services / APP – Any customer can now find just the right burger or Chicken Kung pao without going through 300+ food vendors in the city on their preferred app, no more clicks, no more subcategories, no more searching – just one sentence and one delicious meal… without onions. 
  • Online Retail – Open AI means no more filters for your customers saving time and providing increased ATV due to ease of access they can order and buy a fully tailored outfit head to toe with accessories without the hassle. Searching for items just got a lot easier. 
  • Real Estate – Whether you’re looking for an office, flat or want a house with a sea view with awning windows, a veranda, a white picket fence with the sun rising in the morning in your back garden – Done! It’s all possible when your databases are connected with the Open AI network.
  • Law firms –  Laws don’t just cross states, borders and countries, in some cases they actually stop at them. This means this domain is difficult to navigate given its complexity as it evolves rapidly in certain areas. Lastly, you have an almost infinite amount of sources to pull from but limited resources not with Open AI, now you have a system that can find those sources in seconds.

Considerations about the future of these types of language models, thanks to the growing popularity of AI, are already enough that we will leave this topic for another time. We, as business development experts, definitely focus on the benefit of such tools. Rapid automation means faster growth and in turn profit. Using technology that develops at lightning speed and learns on the fly means you are fully set and ready for change. It’s a tool that will not lose its edge but will grow and expand its reach . And by the way, it will make your employees’ work easier, taking the workload of repetitive tasks off their shoulders, and will fulfill the needs of online customers who want the information here and now with one simple sentence.