React Native EU 2018 Conference

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In today’s world, mobile devices are becoming our primary connection to all the things we need and love. Therefore, more and more companies face the challenge of building a mobile app to reach the growing smartphone audience.

Mobile applications – then and now

For years, mobile apps development was rather demanding, and there was a whole heap of compatibility issues. React Native addresses this problem and makes it possible to build cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript. And you know what? It really works.

Let’s take a quick look at how popular React Native is today:

Mobile app - Top apps that contain React Native

The React Native community

No wonder, then, that the community around React Native is growing. Do you want to stay on top of things? Central Europe is the place you should keep an eye on. React Native EU conferences organized in Wrocław, Poland, should be your go-to events, no matter whether you are a seasoned developer or just a beginner. On September 5-6, 2018, the second edition of React Native EU was held. The speakers’ list included such names as David Vacca and Rafael de Oleza from Facebook or Narendra Shetty from

At ValueLogic, we were excited to be among the guests of this year’s edition, and here are some highlights from the event.

The best of React Native EU 2018

The first day of the conference included speeches about React Navigation, the evolution of the Expo toolchain, React Apollo and pairing React Native with augmented reality. The navigation part was particularly interesting. Eric Vicenti demonstrated the power of react-native-navigation in terms of creating animated transitions between screens in an application.

The next day, Gant Laborde from Infinite Red talked about Machine Learning in React Native. He showed how easy it is to create an application which recognizes faces and food – cool!

Then, Jani Eväkallio from Formidable Labs delivered a great speech with music and visuals. It was to remind us what we should ultimately focus on: the users and the purpose of our applications.

Finally, we discussed the re-architecture of React Native, A/B testing, and application accessibility for the visually impaired.

Apart from the presentations, there was, of course, an evening party – a great opportunity for networking and sharing ideas.

Join the pack

The main idea of React Native EU was to demonstrate the importance of the React Native community and the power of React Native itself. Whether you are a developer or a business owner, conferences like React Native EU will definitely be a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and insight. Not sure if it’s for you? Missed this year’s event? Check out the videos of all talks from React Native EU 2018. We hope to see you around on the next event of this type!

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