It’s a tough time around the world right now. We find ourselves in a situation and are having to adapt in numerous ways. It is also a great challenge for business and for those companies in most need, we are offering free IT consultancy that will help make the most vital decisions regarding digital transformation.

According to global lockdown, only a few industries have not had to change their methods of operation. Just as most of our personal activities are moving online, business is doing the same—for some, it is a way of meeting increased demand, for others it is a simple matter of survival.

As a digital company, we could pivot quickly into an all-remote operation with minimum disruption. What the COVID-19 crisis is showing us is that digitization and adaptability are keys to business survival and that there are only a select few areas that cannot somehow be enhanced by digital technology.

However, in a time when money is tight, the idea of investing in technology seems a long way out of reach. Companies may ask if they can afford digital transformation, what processes they need to change, and when they will see a return on investment.

We can dispel the doubts your company has about digital transformation, completely free of charge. Our mission is to help companies in this difficult moment and find the best technological solutions for their digital transition.
We are offering a free 6-hour consultancy session to any business, of any size, that wants to explore how digitization might help get them through the crisis and build a stronger base for future innovation.

The day is split into two parts. In the first, we don’t come in and start telling you how to run your business. We sit and we listen. We want to learn about your problems, your processes, and the plans you would realize in a perfect world. We then discuss what parts of your business can be digitized and, at the end of the day, we present you with an action plan of ideas that are realistic and achievable for your business.

If you want to take the challenge further with us, we can discuss it if works for both sides. If not, all of the knowledge and new-found possibilities you have uncovered for your business during the free consultation are in your hands and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you.