Real Estate Website

Over eight years of cooperation, we completed 13 projects covering critical strategic areas, with our engineers co-developing tools visited by over 20 million users each month.

We have developed one of Germany’s most popular services for customers looking for property offers and work on a tool that is the core of the customer’s business. We have been gaining experience for a few years, so our developers perfectly understand the business setting and the needs of our customer’s target group; they also keep in mind the history of the service’s development. Digital transformation of real estate is a strong part of our portfolio.

The role of our experts is to take care of the technological development of the tool and update it. Adding new functionalities that result from the users’ needs makes our service stand out from the competitors. One of the successes of ValueExperts is the remarkable increase in user engagement and the number of subscribers of the service to 300 thousand.

Mobile app for the real estate industry

The mobile application connected about ten complex, extensive functionalities and integrated many smaller ones. For this project, the developers worked on the core functions. 

Our developers have worked in a dynamic environment as a part of the customer’s team to effectively achieve the company’s business goals. Good relations and a long history of cooperation lead to a better understanding of the customer’s technological and business needs. ValueExperts knows the application practically from the beginning.

Using the latest tech stack to flexibly adapt the tool to the market situation was important. When live meetings were impossible, the app allowed online property presentations and smoothed communication between customers and real estate agents. 

Moving and relocation Services Portal

ValueExperts participates in developing a tool that allows users to search for the best deals for moving companies from different locations in the countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An important task was transitioning from PHP to Kotlin and React technologies and implementing new technology solutions. We act as IT advisors to our customers, involved at every stage of product development. As a result, we were able to pilot the implementation of tech SEO to optimize the tool at the start and provide faster traffic growth than expected. Meanwhile, with the implementation of AWS technology, the customer did not need to hire a network administrator.


  • Module for business development – with new technology, we rewrote the functionalities
  • Module for the individual customer – solution with new technology, customization of functionalities

Real Estate CRM Development

One of our customers uses automation to simplify communication between real estate agents. The user-friendly CRM integrates with everyday tools such as Outlook. Our responsibility was to enhance the customer’s experience, making it easier for them to interact with their agent. On the business side, we matched the tool to market needs and technological capabilities.

Take a look at the case study: FlowFact Outlook Addin

Agents mainly contact customers via email, so we worked on a web application and Outlook. The implemented solutions improve communication between agents and their customers. With the plugin, agents can quickly share data in messages, adding information such as email addresses, photos and attachments. It has also become simple to extract this data from email communications. The tool is synchronized with CRM.

Central Application System for Valuers

The app for Valuers was created as a comprehensive knowledge base. It was developed based on data that has been categorized to easily show the property and its surroundings easily and clearly. The web application presents location data based on the address searched by the user and provides detailed information necessary for a professional valuation. It is similar to Google Analytics. The tool automates the work of appraisers, minimizes the risk of mistakes, and reduces the time to prepare a complete document following the guidelines.

Our customers concentrate on technological solutions that streamline their work and allow them to easily expand their scope of services. PropTech is dynamic and fast to respond to changing market conditions. Years of observation of the real estate industry show the rising openness to the innovation of companies in this sector. The reason is simple: digital change is what drives business. Therefore, the role of IT advisors is no longer to prove its worth it but rather to show the possibilities of how quickly meaningful changes can be made.