So now that’s done, let’s have a look at these 3 simple steps, shall we?

Step 1. Let’s get to know each other

Regardless of whether we catch you somewhere (for example on Linkedin) or whether you apply to our job offer or somebody recommends you, first you will meet the People & Culture Team, which is great because you get to meet me.

In a convenient time for you, we will arrange a short phone or video call (max 30 minutes)

What will the first meeting with ValueLogic look like?

  • We will tell you more about our company, what we do, how we work and also about our various VL activities and initiatives. 
  • We will talk about your experience, expectations, how you like to work and what you would like to avoid. 
  • We will then switch to speaking in English for a while because at the core of our company we create digital products for foreign clients. 
  • The rest of the time is dedicated to you. Use it and ask us about everything that is important to you and what you value the most from a company. Our answers will be honest too. Our goal is not to be a company people work for but a company people want to be part of.

If you decide that VL could be the place for you, we will arrange a technical interview with one of our ValueExperts.  Maybe do you want to check us before our first meeting? Here you can meet ValeExperts better.

Step 2. Technical interview

Now it’s time to talk about your technical skills and knowledge. 

There are many approaches to verify technical skills during the interview – tasks, life-coding, code review. For us the best one is the conversation between two experts based on knowledge and experience exchange. That’s why during the technical interview in ValueLogic you will meet one or two developers from our company who are experts in technologies you have experience with. For example, if you apply for a Java Developer position but you have previous experience in PHP on the interview you will meet  both –  Java and PHP Developer (Don’t worry we will ask you beforehand if you don’t mind).

We want to have a broad picture of what you can do, what you are good at and with what baggage you come to us.  Don’t worry, we don’t have a long list of questions we ask and tick off, we don’t ask theoretical questions, we only ask things that matter to you and the position. So you won’t hear from us “What will you do in five years from now?” It’s not our business. Our goal is not to bend you with some difficult questions but to talk about what technologies and tools you usually use at work, how you solve problems, and how you develop your knowledge and skills. The meeting is also a perfect opportunity for you to ask our ValueExperts about what they do on a daily basis and how working on a project usually looks like in our company.  Go ahead and ask them about  anything and everything that will help you to gain a full picture of how working with us would look like. 

You will need to book 1-2 hours for the meeting. We usually use Google Meet 

It may or may not happen but sometimes we will invite you to take part in an additional recruitment step.

It could be:

  • technical task – we want to avoid it as much as possible, but we really do care about assessing your skills in a reliable and complete manner. That’s why we may ask you to perform such a task before the technical interview. If during the interview we have any niggling doubts, we may ask after that.
  • meeting with the client (sometimes  our client would like to meet you in advance and talk with you about the project (he knows the project inside out so he will pass you on all details about it) – such an additional meeting usually lasts 0.5-1 h.

Step3. Feedback and final decision

Finally, the time has come for us to tell you how amazing you are and that we would love you to join ValueLogic.

We give ourselves max. 2 working days to make a final decision about hiring you. Bartek our Recruitment Leader will call you and tell you in detail how well you did  in the interview, what strength / weakness we have observed. He will then pass you on the detailed feedback from our ValueExperts who you spoke too and their perspective. We will also send you all this information by email, so you can always go back to it at any time you want. 

After the successful recruitment process, Bartek will present to you our hiring proposal, which you will also find on your email.

I have to add that for us, feedback is not only presented at the  final assessment of the recruitment process. We will provide it to you after each recruitment step. During all that time, we will stay in touch with you. 

It’s time for the GREAT FINALE – We hire you! If you decide to join ValueLogic Bartek will guide you step by step through the entire process of closing all necessary formalities and we will meet in our office on your first day of work.

Who stands behind the recruitment process in our People & Culture Team?

Kasia (me): In recruitment, I value the most, that each day I have the opportunity to discover people’s true potential and I get to meet many interesting people on the way win-win.

Agnieszka: She really likes recruiting. It gives her a lot of fun. Sourcing is her second name, so she will probably catch you via Linkedin sooner or later.

Bartek: He is our Recruitment Team Leader, for sure you will meet him during the recruitment process. He is a real explorer of human talents and skills. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us!

So what? 1,2,3 see you in our recruitment process!