As engineers, we build the bridge between business and technology. On this blog, we want to share our knowledge and passion for coding and tell you more about our approach to business and our projects.

Blockchain in 2023 – does it still make sense?

Crypto vs. blockchainThe year 2022 might be remembered as a very difficult period for the blockchain-rela ...

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Digital transformation of Real Estate is our thing

Real Estate WebsiteOver eight years of cooperation, we completed 13 projects covering critical strategic ...

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Candidate-Friendly, what does it mean? Take a tour of ValueLogic recruitment process rules 

We work fastWe can complete the entire recruitment process in just a few days, usually in just three quic ...

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Cabin in the woods – team building in ValueLogic

It turns out that coding remotely alone isn't everything, and sometimes it's worth leaving the warm, comforta ...

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New technologies in the real estate valuation

How to improve the automation process?Property buyers are deciding on long-term commitments, and the cred ...

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Lightning-fast recruitment process in IT

So now that's done, let's have a look at these 3 simple steps, shall we?Step 1. Let’s get to know each ...

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Benefits that blockchain brings to business

Blockchain features the ability to provide secure data sharing without placing the responsibility on one ...

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Software solutions for the real estate market

The modern real estate market is reaching for new technologies and taking advantage of the opportunities open ...

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Tech Republics – maximizing the full potential of the software house

It all began in a galaxy far, far away... We created our own ValueUniverse. We develop our Tech Republics dri ...

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