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Top 6 usages of JavaScript

Usages of JavaScript1. Front-end developmentOne of the most known usages of JavaScript is in the fron ...

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Say hello to devices near you with Nearby Messages

What if, however, we want to communicate with the devices in close proximity without bothering about installi ...

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Digital transformation during COVID

However, indecision over implementing new technology to replace inefficient manual processes can be costly to ...

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The rise of the Svelte JavaScript framework

About the Svelte JavaScript framework“New” is a big word for a framework that was initially relea ...

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Technologies and the pandemic. Where should you invest in 2021?

We’ve witnessed new solutions and new companies coming to the fore. As we approach 2021 and it is clear tha ...

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Our Octopus Strategy

Since being founded in 2015 by three passionate individuals, ValueLogic has grown to a team of over 80 people ...

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Ready-made frameworks vs self-designed UI

The frontend is a crucial part of every project; after all, it’s the first thing the user sees and your onl ...

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Must security tests always be expensive?

There is a belief in the IT world that software security tests are very expensive. Such a statement causes ma ...

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Software tester vs Quality Engineer

Once upon a time, software development was nowhere near as complex as it is today. In many cases, it was a on ...

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