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Frontend state management with Redux

We have seen the frontend part of apps becoming more complex in recent years. This is especially visible in s ...

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AWS CodePipeline in Movello project

ValueLogic was recently preparing technical solutions for a new product called Movello. This is a mobile appl ...

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Will a safe future mean more touch-free technology?

The need to isolate and minimize contact with other people has forced us to change our habits and made us awa ...

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Crisis support: Free IT consultancy for any business

It’s a tough time around the world right now. We find ourselves in a situation and are having to adapt in n ...

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Digital transformation – a secure future for business

Over recent weeks, the drastic development of the coronavirus epidemic has made us all aware that one can nev ...

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Proxy patterns in migration projects

In this article I will explain how to extend a simple proxy pattern to fulfill a typical developer task: repl ...

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Kafka Streams Topology Management

When you design your processing topology, Kafka Streams can infer the configuration of the required resources ...

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