There is no doubt that a properly built development team is the first step to the project’s success. After all, we join your team, complete daily tasks together and take part in your meetings. We need to find a common language – and it’s not just about programming. When we start client consultations, we present our competencies precisely through the people who create ValueLogic. The tech stack and expertise we promote ourselves as a company are the result of our software developers work. You may see the effects of our efforts in completed IT projects.

ValueLogic take full responsibilities for:

  • advice and evaluate ideas, and assumptions
  • choose the right tech stack and the most efficient solutions build the best matching team of ValueExperts to run your projects
  • keep up-to-date and transparent at every level of the project
  • maintain timeline and budget as agreed
  • complete product development and delivery 

High level of software engineers’ seniority

A few years ago, when we first began developing the software house, we focused on the tech maturity of our employees. Therefore, ValueLogic’s software development team consisted of experts with experience of more than 5 years. This has made us able today to provide not only a full technology stack but to expand the team with developers with shorter experience. We know our competence to support our team in its growth, and this allows clients to interact with developers at different levels of experience.

Software developers with passion

And you should know that our team grows eagerly and we have the proof. We create our own Tech Republics, where we expand our knowledge besides projects. By far the best-developing Republics are: Blockchain and Frontend. The second one has already its own ValueAcademy, where React rules. Employees who want to explore new technologies learn together, create new solutions, code independently on the basis of their newly developed skills. We take pride in a team that is open to new challenges, skilled at building long-term relationships, with a broad view of the project. We know that code is a technological reflection of your business. That’s why we get to know new frameworks and the nature of your business

Meet the ValueExperts:

  • Software Developers: with 5+ years of experience
  • Tech Leads: to drive technological success
  • Quality Engineers: to ensure the highest quality 
  • IT Advisors: translating technology into clear business logic
  • Designers: creating beautiful and usable tools from scratch
  • Project Managers: for smartly planned agile work
  • Product Managers: with the experience you need to develop a unique product

Software developers who understand your industry

To get into a new project, programmers need to know your industry and your clients’ requirements. The understanding of the project’s goals underlies a full commitment to collaboration. We have plenty of examples of this, especially in operations for real estate and PropTech. Our developers have done well on many projects for companies such as ImmoScout, ValueAG and FlowFact. We, therefore, bring our knowledge of the market to bear in building, developing and maintaining applications for real estate agency clients, as well as CMS and global systems for agents and valuers.

Software team building

Before we start working together, we talk with clients about the project and the needs we can meet as a team. Our team works in an agile way, which means not only methodology, but also the ability to adapt to the specific work of organizations and teams.

We share responsibilities with your teams

  • Works autonomously in your project – we execute the entire scope of the project according to plan, adjust technologies and develop the team
  • We join your project team – we work according to your plan together with your developers.

We share work standards

  • Onboarding – We introduce people to your project
  • High-level of English language – Easy to communicate and versatile members
  • Hello meetings – We always present ourselves at the beginning
  • Live meetings – We visit IRL to get to know each other better
  • Regular feedback – We improve the performance based on the information at hand
  • Perfect match – We want to learn more about your organization and what matters to you. 

The reason we don’t often talk about outsourcing programmers is that we, as ValueLogic, build a strong software development squad and have a brand identity. The development teams always operate as ValueExperts, but are perfectly integrated with the client’s IT department colleagues. In fact, we have heard more than once that we are one big team. We also frequently take on the role of lead technology advisor, if the opportunity and expectation are there. This is also due to the fact that we build relationships not only in online meetings. We try to visit clients at their locations and invite them to visit us, in Wroclaw. 

Sounds ideal, just like the announcement in the intro? Sometimes there are down moments. However, we always take care of the feedback to learn about possible gaps, improve communication or increase efficiency. Sometimes it is necessary to change the team’s composition. The most important thing is to act transparently and talk to each other often – that way, if we are not perfect, we can get along perfectly.