The modern real estate market is reaching for new technologies and taking advantage of the opportunities opened up by the dedicated tools. For the last few years we have been getting to know the world of PropTech solutions and following the technological development of the largest German companies. Our software developers are involved in projects making the daily work of real estate agents more efficient by automating processes. Our experience in this particular sector makes it convenient for us to match technologies in the next projects we explore. We participate in the development of PropTech development tools.

Digital change in the real estate industry

Although the property and real estate sector is still considered very traditional, we are seeing a lot of openness to new technologies in the field. The digital transformation of the real estate market is underway and moving to the next level. And the capacity continues to grow, so all signs indicate that the future will open up further opportunities for the development of software dedicated to real estate agents and their customers.

Software for the real estate industry focuses on important areas:

  1. Improving the customer experience, making it easier for them to use the agency’s services, and providing them with as many as possible in one simple tool.
  2. Managing real estate and making data-driven investment decisions. 

From smart solutions to the PropTech

Proptech is a term already on equal ground with FinTech, which means combining the industry with technological innovation. It stands for a whole range of activities leading the real estate market to a full digital transformation. In practice, it involves changing the way agents work, with less time to spend on paperwork, transaction safety increasing thanks to the elimination of the risk of error, and the identification of more ways to make it easier for clients to invest in real estate smoothly. 

A few typical industry challenges that PropTech solves:

  • Process automation and digital workflow: dedicated tools to reduce manual effort, from Word documents to a neat, self-explanatory web-based solution.
  • Data visualization: development of research modules for the presentation of location data.
  • Fast Integrations: tools to smooth documentation flow with the client, customers, or employees.
  • Minimize the risk of error: apps, CRM functions that replace manual work, improve agents’ efficiency in daily communication, at every stage of the transaction.
  • Cloud Technology: by migrating from traditional servers to cloud solutions, it is easy to store all business data and documentation in one place and access it for mobile agents, from anywhere.
  • Data-driven decisions: collecting data that allows real estate marketing to grow and strengthen sales with hard evidence.

Major technology trends in the real estate industry include artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The development of enhanced platforms that provide customers with a complete base of services and safe transaction processing are important activities for clients ValueLogic works with. The transition to a digital customer service solution, automated cooperation with a bank, or a rich database on which valuers work – are just some from the world of PropTech that we are developing together with our partners.

Competencies that develop future opportunities

Based on our experience, we gathered a list of the most important tools that support the digital transformation of modern real estate companies. ValueLogic experts are not only responsible for the coding, but they select technologies, develop features in terms of business, supervise deadlines in the project, verify quality, and then launch new software and applications for the real estate market.