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Digital transformation in the printing inks industry

The client’s opinion. An interview on how ValueLogic helped a world-leading ink manufacturer achieve new in ...

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How technology can recession-proof business?

According to economic experts, technology takes the forefront during a crisis. When companies have optimal co ...

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Five things to consider when choosing a software development company

Things to consider when choosing a software development companyWe can’t afford to buy cheap shoes...

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Software development team for an IT project. Our way of working

There is no doubt that a properly built development team is the first step to the project's success. After al ...

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How to use ChatGPT in business?

There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence, but in a context that is more clear, ChatGPT has become ...

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Blockchain in 2023 – does it still make sense?

Crypto vs. blockchainThe year 2022 might be remembered as a very difficult period for the blockchain-rela ...

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Digital transformation of Real Estate is our thing

Real Estate WebsiteOver eight years of cooperation, we completed 13 projects covering critical strategic ...

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Candidate-Friendly, what does it mean? Take a tour of ValueLogic recruitment process rules 

We work fastWe can complete the entire recruitment process in just a few days, usually in just three quic ...

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New technologies in the real estate valuation

How to improve the automation process?Property buyers are deciding on long-term commitments, and the cred ...

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