It all began in a galaxy far, far away… We created our own ValueUniverse. We develop our Tech Republics driven by the knowledge and experience of our commanders, our very own experts. Sounds like an idea born from a need of entertainment? A bit, yes, because the technology works best in a great atmosphere. Our republics are a way to strengthen the tech layer and provide extra motivation for knowledge-hungry IT experts.

ValueLogic is our Universe, we have our very own star. Our Tech Republics set out to learn new and exciting technologies, by exploring new and exciting planets – that is, technological areas that we want to explore.

Why do we need Tech Republics?

Well, our ValueUniverse is made up of four Tech Republics: Blockchain, Front-End, Tech SEO and Machine Learning. The commanders have built their teams and are working together on knowledge development tools. To bring the issue to the forefront and highlight its importance, we have launched an internal website, and we also have a full design of the entire project.

In our “space mission” there is an element of fun coupled with competition, but we care above all for development. We are instantaneous when it comes to cutting edge technologies and global trends. This is possible thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of our ValueExperts.

Tech Republics’ goals at ValuLogic:

  • To promote Experts – supporting the development of employees with confidence. Our developers choose and expand those areas that they think are the most interesting, forward-looking, requiring commitment and constant learning.
  • Engagement beyond projects – we keep the day-to-day work routine out of the way. ValueExperts work on projects, perform tasks for clients but have space reserved for their technology interests.
  • Growth tools – we turn the time that hotheads spend on learning into real tools for employee and business development. We create know-how repositories, workshops, presentations. We also launch new services for ValueLogic customers.
  • Technology promotion inside the company – a strong tech stack, engaging projects and the opportunity for self-development is a must at ValueLogic. With Republics, we show our developers that with us they get the space and tools to expand their experience.

Commanders, the technological mentors of IT

Each Republic has a Commander at the head, whose team democratically chooses the direction of development for the Republic. It is important for them to work together to achieve the milestones that the Republic establishes on a quarterly basis. Commanders set the work tempo for the teams, inspire and keep an eye on the set plan that everyone has to follow.

What does the in-house ValueUniverse bring to employees?

  • They develop knowledge in a certain technological area, they expand it both inside and outside the company.
  • They initiate team-building trips.
  • They bring cross technological challenges.
  • Are the starting point for organizing hackathons of programming challenges, issue talks.
  • They provide integration, encourage others to join the company’s initiatives, and create unique value for the company.

Results of the republics’ work are already visible

One of the biggest improvements, crucial for the business, is the launch of a new service. ValueLogic has been supporting transparency and business reliability with blockchain-based solutions since 2022. We also have some solutions dedicated to developers who don’t work in republics on a daily basis. The Blockchain Republic has joined forces with Machine Learning Republic. Commanders ran a hackathon to build a real product based on blockchain. To do so required the pre-selection and training of mentors who, during the event, supported teams working on task solving.

The first blockchain hackathon: ValueHack

  • Experts developed the entire concept of the hackathon and trained the mentors.
  • The hackathon was attended by ¼ of the company and led by 5 mentors from Republics.

Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain and the Solidity language, we created a few smart contracts to help Vlucci Fashion conquer the market. And because Vlucci needed its crypto, NFT tokens and several other things to do this, we went through all these topics together . How did we work? 4 teams, each with its own mentor who supported them with guidelines. All groups had exactly the same tasks, but it wasn’t about who would do them first. The goal was not to compete, but to gain as much blockchain knowledge as possible.

Przemysław Trepka, Commander of the Blockchain Republic

Republic is also ValueEvents

Live meetings with other technology enthusiasts are also the result of the efforts of the Commanders and their teams. Together we organize events dedicated to developers at different levels of experience. It is important that the topics we meet around attract people to talk, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences. ValueEvents are dedicated to the IT industry and enjoy great interest. The first such meeting was a combined force of two Commanders: Republic Tech SEO and Republicki Front-End. It brought together full-stack developers with vast knowledge, first of all. The next event was already about blockchain technology and web 3.0 in practice. It attracted blockchain enthusiasts and developers who talked until late hours about the interesting possibilities of this technology. 


This is just the first year of ValueUniverse’s operation, and we still have many milestones to achieve. We do not rule out the fact that more republics will be formed soon. We strongly invite new employees to check out what the commanders are planning and and to sign up and join the fight. May the value be with you!

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