Over time the simplest of tasks and interactions such as Communication, Banking, TV even shopping have moved online and been automated. To the younger generation, this is second nature, it’s all they have ever known, but for others, it is alien, confusing, daunting, and in some respects even scary. 

Upon reflection it was clear what we had to do – offer support, time, patience and guidance to others, that is why we set up the initiative.

Stop Technology Exclusion of Seniors – the new chapter

There was a need to recognize this problem. Our initiators, Agnieszka Sawczyńska and Ula Koper, went to work putting words into action. Before long, they decided to join forces with the Wroclaw Centre for Social Development, and in particular the Przestrzeń Trzeciego Wieku (the Space for the Third Age). It is an organization that provides workshops for seniors in the field of improving everyday life competence. Przestrzeń and its employees Know what challenges this social group faces more than most and we were keen to support them in any way shape or form we could. For a year we have collaborated closely within have found common ground and goals with Katarzyna Delikowska the director of the center who has embraced our initiative along with the center’s members. 

This is our true CSR. We realized quickly that ValueLogic being at the forefront of these technologies and smart solutions meant that we weren’t only best placed to help support others but that we had a duty to do so.

Inclusion of seniors in the digital world – special consultations

Our meetings with seniors are individual consultations that are designed to solve a variety of problems in the field of IT and the use of computer equipment, and applications that make everyday life easier.

Often at meetings we hear such stories – ‘Imagine that I was in the bank, and a young girl told me that, to handle my case, all I have to do is log on to the portal, click on the window and give my agreement…’- I left, I was ashamed to ask, but I don’t know what it means to log on, click and give this agreement. Such stories are very touching.

Ula Koper

There are questions that cover many areas and to be honest we may not always know all the answers but we are 100% committed to try. There are areas that we learn about together, and with our technological intuition and less fear of innovation, we succeed in solving the problem. Of course, there are challenges that our professional competence does not cover. Here we use other powers. These are patience, attention, conversation and understanding – as important as technical support. In a sense,  our approach and support are just as important as providing answers.

In addition, our team is ideally placed to offer the relevant support needed. Most of the volunteers are software developers. Thus, technical problems related to the use of computers and the operating system are solved in a moment.  There are also those among us who can help with using the camera on the phone, teach how to safely send emails, set up a Facebook account, and start a video chat with the family on popular instant messengers.

Before, we didn’t fully realize that our meetings are also meant to be therapeutic. It is often a place of meetings, conversations full of emotions. The need to be socially noticed by our seniors is huge. We feel that the intergenerational bonds that are formed during the meetings have a great impact on the well-being of the Seniors as well as our own.

Justyn Kamiński

What is the work of ValueLogic volunteers?

In a Radio Wroclaw broadcast, Agnieszka Sawczynska and Justyn Kaminski said that our initiative is often not so much about helping to solve technical problems as it is about building relationships and bonds. The idea of our action is best illustrated by the stories told by not only us the volunteers but the participants themselves. Justyn concludes that: “Each of us benefits from it, no doubt about it. This action fits perfectly into the landscape of needs, but there are still not enough of us, because this is not a Wrocław problem, it is a national issue. It is worth joining forces with us”.

Andrzej Liszka, Senior Developer and our volunteer says about the project: “I’ve encountered a lot of problems, I don’t hide that not everyone is easy for me to solve. Sometimes there are questions about programs that I have not used for years, and sometimes Seniors bring to the meetings equipment still packed, which requires time and installation. Hence, our activities increasingly go beyond consultation. We clearly see specific needs and this drives us! We are all aware that it is worth helping the seniors and not judging them, that they should be motivated to learn and not sent away empty-handed. We also all learn a lot at these meetings!”

Ready know-how: How to support seniors in digital change?

“We are open to contact from any company or institution. Our dream is a nationwide campaign and we want to create it. We will help build the program and share our experiences. We are not doing this for fame, although similar actions by companies are also image-motivated, in our minds this campaign has already gone beyond ValueLogic. We really confronted the exclusion of this group and saw a big social problem. Do you know that about 1/3 of Wrocław’s citizens are Seniors? Therefore, let’s not be passive” – adds Agnieszka Sawczyńska.

Maybe you have wanted to help and support similar organizations or people in your local town or company? Now with our help, we can support you to finally do so. The simple fact is the more of us who do so the better! It doesn’t matter what field you are in or where you are from we have created a space where all companies and communities can exist together. 

Sometimes one hour can change a person’s situation for the future. I can give you an example of a lady who wanted to write a book – a diary about her parents, but she did not know how to use a computer and Word, and now she does it with a smile on her face!

Andrzej Liszka

So let’s come together, make a difference and make a change, what better time than to start now. 

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