Higher effort, higher value

An efficient strategy ensured us a 40% profit increase in the unpredictable year of 2020. ValueLogic accepted the challenge to not only maintain stability but to also reach for new opportunities. We have decided to fully support our clients’ businesses. Thanks to their trust, we have enhanced our team of experts and we can operate with a team that is now twice the size of our previous one. So far, we have grown independently, but thanks to this new synergy of know-how and competences, we can be even more effective.

ValueLogic prioritizes partnership

Since April 2021, we’ve been a part of Software Mind from Ailleron Group. This is our new stage of growth. We started operations with a powerful partner while strengthening ValueLogic’s position as an expert in new technologies. What do we gain? The possibility of further stable progress in development in various areas of the company. In this way, we get closer to potential customers with a broader range of possibilities that we can offer.

We focus on delivering our customers the highest possible value, and we have been wondering for some time how to extend the scope of our activities. We like the vision of building an IT leader with Polish roots. We believe that, thanks to the investment made by Software Mind, we can really stand out in the market. We’re joining a strong partner that will not only develop our team, but we will also have the opportunity to participate in more innovative projects carried out for the best brands in the world.

Krzysztof Litwin, Chairman of the Management Board of ValueLogic

An innovative global software group

Ailleron Group brings together companies that develop new technologies for many industries. The company’s offices are located in Poland and in the US, but the enterprise operates globally in over 30 countries. It employs over 700 IT experts with over 86% of Senior Developers among them. Its solutions are used on daily basis by over 300 mln customers – and the number is still on the rise.

Software Mind (part of Ailleron Group) establishes long-term partnerships with clients, helping them to scale their dynamically growing businesses. It has a strong track record in supporting the digital transformation of companies around the world by merging with their in-house R&D teams and working on product development, as well as new channels of communication with the clients’ customers.

The idea is simple: to create one strong software group that is unique in complexity and independence in the process of innovation development for many industries.

Why ValueLogic?

We added digital solutions tailored to the needs of today’s businesses to the group’s portfolio. It’s logical! ValueLogic has been active in the DACH region since the beginning. We’ve been supporting clients in digital transformation by providing them with solutions based on artificial intelligence and creating custom software for five years.

We are happy to have an excellent team joining Software Mind. The investment in ValueLogic is another step in implementing our strategy aimed at building a global software group. The expertise and experience of ValueLogic’s specialists provide us with a unique opportunity to broaden our offer in the area of e-commerce and to step up our presence in the DACH region. Revenues of the company come entirely from foreign sales, with a particular role played by Germany, where ValueLogic’s office is located.

Grzegorz Młynarczyk, Chairman of the Management Board of Software Mind

Hello, Software Mind & new adventure!

Finally, an important thing. This new way means not only common business goals but also the same values that allow us to work with passion for our clients and with our team. ValueLogic is all about experienced engineers who know how to create real innovations. To provide great specialists with sustainable work and ongoing access to professional development, we need to move forward with a good company. As part of a global group, we can accelerate our ambitious goals. We’re acting on the basis of strong relationships, strengthening our competencies through new experiences, and reaching for international projects together with Software Mind and the Ailleron Group.

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