Case Studies

Solutions we are proud of

We have done the work quickly to help our partners create
new values in their businesses.


New service in the real estate industry

Solutions that allow ImmoScout24 customers to select the best offers from relocation companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Innovation in mobile app development

Development of the mobile application based on many years of experience working with a real estate client. Refreshing the technology and advising on effective IT solutions.

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Digital products that give a complete real-time view of all 29 factories

Full digital transformation.

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Building better customer service

Development of the client’s vehicle management tool, including a key solution - a customer service application.

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Flowfact Design

Innovation and development of design system using Figma

A comprehensive solution to standardize the complete application and streamline the work of developers.

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Flowfact Plugin

Automation in the real estate industry and real partnership

We met to develop one small tool, but we stayed a while longer.

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Flowfact Switzerland

Activities on the Swiss real estate market

We focused on adapting and extending the CRM system to the needs of new customers in the Swiss market.

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Value AG

A global tool automatizing the work of valuers

An application that makes a real difference in the quality of valuers' work boosts their efficiency. Automation is a game changer in the real estate industry.

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Using AR technology to turn a heavy machine into a lighter than air solution

We’ve found an innovative way of showing large vast products anywhere in the world.

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A quick e-commerce solution

Plugin implementation for online store owners using the Talon.One system. Bringing value to shoppers through coupons.

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Bespoke application for personal finance management

The solution that: counts the ongoing cost of expenses like rent, bills, groceries, and gasoline.

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Innovative visual menus for smart restaurants

Menu revolution app is an easy-to-navigate digital menu tool with an inviting design, visual menu experience.

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The modern communication solution that responds to the needs of the social network

We solved critical performance issues, significantly improved service efficiency, and handled portal security.

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