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Monitor, control and plan your expenses


Executive Summary

Amplitude has partnered with ValueLogic to create an app to help people better assess and manage their finances with the touch of a button. Our love of technical challenges and proven skills helped us find the best technological solution, while our dynamic and agile work processes kept everything running on time.

About Amplitude

Amplitude is an innovative IOS application for personal finance management which lets users safely connect to their bank accounts and gain instant insight into their financial situation.


Bespoke application for personal finance management.

ValueLogic put their brains and their passion into the project, so we are able to build a product that is amazing.

Maximilian F. Jacob, CEO Amplitude


  • Created MVP to ensure a quick entry into market and at the right quality in an ultra-competitive market like Fintech
  • An application that: counts the ongoing cost of expenses like rent, bills, groceries, and gasoline, shows users what resources are available for other purposes

As a founder, I wanted a match on three levels: personal, professional, and geographical. ValueLogic delivered, and also brought great outcomes and benefits.

Maximilian F. Jacob, CEO Amplitude

IT Consultancy

We assessed the client’s needs and identified the right approach to technical problems. We then agreed on the working processes that would take us there in good time.


  • Integrating the solution with the third-party FinAPI service and working to a tight timescale
  • Programming and IT Consultancy were of equal importance as we looked for the best solution from both a business and technical standpoint


As the product owner, the client needed to be as close to the evolving solution as possible; which is why we involved them throughout, as part of our development team. Our approach to building a disruptive solution at speed, was to provide consultancy and development services.

Over the course of 8 months, we took Amplitude from idea to MVP. We worked closely with the client, utilizing agile methodologies, to deliver a high-quality, secure banking application. Short sprints and regular, easy reviews quickly took us to the point where the product was ready for the market and available to customers in the App store.


Our world-class team was able to deliver a bespoke solution that works seamlessly with the third-party application. Agile work allowed us to pivot and dynamically tackle new challenges as the project developed.


The client estimates that ValueLogic helped cut their software development budget in half and allows the firm to invest in other areas such as people, marketing, and further innovation. We took an MVP of Amplitude to the market at speed through daily testing and iterations, which continue as we constantly refine and improve the solution. Getting to market fast and at the right quality is a dream scenario for any start-up in an ultra-competitive market like Fintech.

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