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The single source of truth for designers and developers

Flowfact Design

Executive Summary

Cooperation with FlowFact started from developing web features in the form of an Outlook plugin. Our design team created templates for property offers sent by agents to clients. The good experience of working together on other projects made us go further. We started partnering on the Design System to create consistency. As a result, to strengthen the quality of projects and enhance the work of developers.

About FlowFact

FlowFact has been developing innovative customer relationship management (CRM) systems dedicated to the real estate industry for 30 years. The German market leader provides a solution for customers to fully control and manage their relationships and professional customer’s services. The platform is a comprehensive set of tools that automate real estate sales with strong marketing support.




Flowfact Addin


UX Design

UI Design

Backend Development

Quality Assurance

Tech & Tools

Figma Figma

Java Java

Typescript Typescript

Kotlin Kotlin

React React

Spring Spring

Our ValueLogic team has grown from, a strategic part to real colleagues. The collaboration started with a single solution for additional Outlook Addin, and now my team is growing into a fundamental part of our product development.

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

Flowfact Design


The design within a single tool involved adjusting to its framework, while fitting the elements to the brand as part of the set graphic communication. The team had to figure out how to show functionality in such a compact space. We organized a workshop, where we worked out the basis for the project and set up the teams.

Design System

We set out to create a solution that would automate email communication with customers using popular tools. Agents receive a lot of data from clients and questions about particular properties. The challenge was to create a plugin that would allow for tying together all the needs and shorten the response process.

  • A project that requires constant development
  • Visual reference of the system and interactions
  • The single source of truth for designers and developers

FlowFact already had its own Design System, but it needed to be developed and innovated. We gave it a fresh new look. Creating a complex solution is time-consuming and requires permanent development. The Design System is constantly being extended with new elements and is always evolving.

Flowfact Design

How did we work?

Creation always starts with the foundations: colors, fonts, spacings, grids that show how the product should look at different widths. The Design System is built on the idea of atoms: first, we create the smallest elements, and on that basis we create more complex and advanced parts.

For design, we used Sketch and Abstract. We created a file management repository for code inspection. Then we migrated from Sketch-Abstract to Figma.

Game changer

Figma introduced a big change and provided a new quality. The decision was made by FlowFact, and for us it was the perfect news to hear, not only because it is a key tool in our daily operations; It also allows us to build components more efficiently. The atoms that we design in the system with one click can be changed in all the relevant places.

Flowfact Design

Work on Design System


Allows standardizing the application


Removes random elements


Streamlines the work of developers


Simplifies the decision-making process

Business value

FlowFact has gained a consistent core that gives value to users but also to further develop the global tool. Everyone uses the same source, all screens, modules, components are coherent so random elements disappear. Developers are now able to work quickly without having to take part in time consuming meetings with designers, it’s been a game changer.

Flowfact Design

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