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Smart solutions for real estate agents

Flowfact Plugin

Executive Summary

FlowFact focuses on smart solutions to increase the efficiency of real estate agents, make their jobs easier, and minimize manual tasks. Automation is a top goal in the modern real estate market. We met to develop one small tool, but we stayed a while longer.

About FlowFact

FlowFact has been developing innovative customer relationship management (CRM) systems dedicated to the real estate industry for 30 years. The German market leader provides a solution for customers to fully control and manage their relationships and professional customer’s services. The platform is a comprehensive set of tools that automate real estate sales with strong marketing support.




Flowfact Addin


UX Design

UI Design

Backend Development

Quality Assurance

Tech & Tools

Figma Figma

Java Java

Typescript Typescript

Kotlin Kotlin

React React

Spring Spring

In this case, it kicked off with the implementation of a frontend solution and goes all the way to maintaining the core services. Even with new concepts, we draw on the expertise of ValueLogic developers to find the best solution for our product.

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

Flowfact Design


  • Create a plain path for real estate brokers to use
  • Web application and Outlook plugin as an addition
  • Outlook plugin and services responsible for maintaining mail accounts
  • Adding data, like email address, pictures, and attachments to email via a plugin
  • Extracting data from email, like e-mail address, picture, attachment, and content using a plugin and synchronizing with FlowFact

Effective email communication

We set out to create a solution that would automate email communication with customers using popular tools. Agents receive a lot of data from clients and questions about particular properties. The challenge was to create a plugin that would allow for tying together all the needs and shorten the response process.


When an agent receives an email from a client interested in a property, they can easily add a contact, define data, and connect a concrete offer thanks to an Outlook plugin. Calendar integration, task addition and meeting invitations are additional capabilities we've built together. The application is available in the Microsoft store.

The mentioned Outlook Addin has grown from a rough prototype to fully grown, complete solution that has extended our product fully into the O365-world. In our core product, we (FLOWFACT developers and ValueLogic developers) build a new solution for O365 synchronization, which means building the service, taking care of a successful migration process and independently maintaining it to this day.

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

Flowfact Design

Customer values


Ease of work for the end-user


Coperation in user's tools (Outlook, web client)


Simple connection of agents to the company database


Quick delivery of key functionalities to new customers while maintaining existing system compatibility

With a strong partner such as ValueLogic, we have increased development opportunities in almost every area and team. This has allowed us to grow with new editions of FLOWFACT and expanded products, such as Outlook Plugin, to build faster and more efficiently side-by-side. And, of course, ValueLogic's experience has driven our ideas on how to implement new solutions in the best and most efficient way possible.

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

Smart solutions

we make it easier to work with common tools by adapting them to the needs of employees and customers.

Email communication improvement

and connect with business-specific items.

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