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Flowfact Switzeland

About FlowFact

FlowFact has been developing innovative customer relationship management (CRM) systems dedicated to the real estate industry for 30 years. The German market leader provides a solution for customers to fully control and manage their relationships and professional customer’s services. The platform is a comprehensive set of tools that automate real estate sales with strong marketing support.

Executive Summary

By working together, we participated in the transformation of the real estate industry. FlowFact provides step-by-step solutions to automate the industry and bring customer service to a new level. FlowFact operates in various markets and ValueLogic experts were also responsible for creating and maintaining solutions for Swiss customers. In this project, the fast response time and preparation of tender-ready material was very important.

FLOWFACT has experience working with several third-party companies and we can honestly say that we greatly appreciate working with your developers, thanks ValueLogic!

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

Activities on the Swiss real estate market

We focused on adapting and extending the CRM system to the needs of new customers in the Swiss market. It was necessary to create the possibility of registering customers from other countries, like Switzerland, and to create the possibility of simple communication with the customer by mail and phone.


  • Create a plain path for real estate brokers to use
  • Web application and Outlook plugin as an addition
  • Outlook plugin and services responsible for maintaining mail accounts
  • Adding data, like email address, pictures, and attachments to email via a plugin
  • Extracting data from email, like e-mail address, picture, attachment, and content using a plugin and synchronizing with FlowFact

We implemented

  • Develop new ways of displaying system data
  • A widget for phone calls and text messages
  • A widget with a checklist to track the progress of tasks in the system
  • A widget for publishing properties to external portals
  • Redesigned notifications in the system
  • A new web-based email client allowing users to send messages to groups using templates, adding dynamic variable data, and saving draft versions of mails

Customer values


Adapt solutions to the needs of the market


Expand the brand awareness in a new key market


Quick delivery of key functionalities to new customers while maintaining the existing compatibility of the system

My team, my colleagues that work daily with ValueLogic feels like it is working with a part of FlowFact. We want our teammates to feel comfortable participating in our daily routines, such as standups and retrospectives. Can I rate this higher?

Lars Stein, Professional Product Manager FLOWFACT

The power of partnership

We entered the Swiss real estate market by developing and customizing a CRM system for new clients in the Swiss real estate industry. Working closely with our client's business and IT departments has empowered us to co-create value in this new Swiss market. Thanks to our understanding of the client and our expertise with the unique features of the tool, we knew how to fix some issues immediately and deliver major releases on time.

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