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Mobile app for the real estate industry.

ImmoScout24 App

Executive Summary

One dedicated team supports Scout's mobile apps for Android and iOS. We run releases as captains, which means that we are present and take an active part in every stage of product development. From concept to implementation and support. Our work is viewed by over 12 million users visiting the site per month.

About ImmoScout24

ImmobilienScout24 is a long-term partner of ValueLogic. ValueTeam has a history of working on this project for over 10 years. We support projects that change offers and functionalities for both web and mobile applications.

The mobile app combined about 10 complex large functionalities and integrated many smaller ones. With this project, we are still operating on major features, but the ValueLogic team is always ready to respond quickly to client and product needs. We know the story of the product almost from the beginning of its development.


  • New tech solutions implementation
  • Use of knowledge of the real estate market and customer requirements

In terms of impact, we have skilled engineers who are able to work independently and provide a native flow to insert new offerings on the platform without the need for guidance from other team members and engineering managers.

Francesco Noya, ImmoScout24 Engineering Manager


  • The latest technology stack: periodic introduction of new solutions and their ongoing testing
  • Time and money savings: after writing the code, programmers create automated tests and the solution goes to production immediately
  • Business Security: tests provide documentation, e.g., with employee rotation in a project, documenting with code brings measurable benefits
  • Smart communication: having more developers allows ImmoScout24 to respond quickly to changes

I recommend ValueLogic as an IT service provider. The engineers are exprets and can support the team both in terms of delivery, by focusing on excellence and accountability, and by providing knowledge and know-how sharing to support the development of the client's team.

Francesco Noya, ImmoScout24 Engineering Manager


ImmobilienScout24 is a partner that stands out for its openness to innovation and eagerness to try out different solutions. Iterations quickly go on production and developers get immediate feedback from real users of the application. We have been working together for so long that we have faced technological challenges together and adapted technology to the conditions independent of us.


  • As part of the ImmobilienScout24 mobile app team, we work in a dynamic environment to drive the company's business goals.
  • Together we can adapt the tool to a new situation. For example with the pandemic, ImmobilienScout24 has taken steps to improve the app in order to minimize the need for physical contact.
  • New features include a Contact Form that helps eliminate face-to-face meetings with tenants and provides the ability to show properties via video chat.

Even seemingly small improvements often require advanced work to ensure they are effective when implemented. For example, a contact form was functional but adding new features required an almost complete code rewrite. Additionally, building UI must be organized according to the form flow library, and developers need to be constantly on the lookout for this.


Having more developers allows ImmobilienScout24 to respond quickly to changes. With other projects for Scout, we can easily exchange knowledge and keep up with any up-to-date changes. Long-term business relationships lead to a better understanding of the customer's technology and business needs.

The trust that a client gives us is proof of our good work. We aim to provide solutions of the highest quality and we are grateful to see our work evolve our time along with the ongoing appreciation shown to us by ImmobilienScout24 and we hope long may it continue. And we know more: the high retention rate proves customers are extremely loyal and happy with the product.

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