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Relocation sector project for our Partner ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 Umzug

Executive Summary

We were entrusted with the development and maintenance of the application to comply with security standards. The project involved transitioning to newer technology and developing modules dedicated to different customer groups. The cooperation resulted in the development of solutions allowing ImmoScout24 customers to choose the best offers from relocation companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

About ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 is the German leader in online real estate services. The company evolved from a property search tool founded in 1998 and has now become a marketplace for all those looking for properties to rent, buy, sell and full pre-/post-transaction support. This services portfolio also includes a relocation company comparison, to support consumers to find the matching relocation expert.


  • A smooth and quality transition from PHP technology to Kotlin, React
  • New tech solutions implementation (AWS)
  • Module for companies development - with new technology, rewriting for new functionality
  • Module for individual customer preparation - solution in new technology, functionality adaptation to customer needs
  • Increase of website traffic because of the decline, need for SEO improvements from the technical side
  • IT Advising - ValueLogic team's readiness to engage in product development

I would highly recommend working with ValueLogic as an IT service provider, they offer us a great team mixture with different skills and focuses. VL is very agile and responsive, so they accompany us in all stages of our product development with the right amount of support.

Franziska Schmidt, ImmoScout24 Project Manager


  • Using the potential of the AWS cloud
  • Integrations with third-party services (ERP, CRM, CMS, mailer service)
  • Clear growth in website traffic
  • Advanced application tracking with tools as Google Analytics & Tealium
  • All updates, tests, etc. are carried out automatically
  • The logs from all applications are gathered and analyzed in a unified tool, and the development team is informed of all the undesirable situations via DataDog

VL supports us to deliver a constantly high-quality lead product to our customers and also to approach the consumer with product flows. Here ValueTeam aims always for a solution that is technical, and businesses vice a perfect match for us. We are using the newly optimized site ( as a marketing tool for our clients to help them reach a larger audience and present their service effectively. This site is an important component of our customer relationship. In the end, ValueLogic helps us increase our sales in addition to satisfied customers.

Franziska Schmidt, ImmoScout24 Project Manager


The developers had to match up with the client's tech stack. The team needed to learn the entire ecosystem, the story behind the solutions, and the practices. This way, we aim to unify the tech stack with the client. Understanding the full documentation of the tools, and talking with experts in the business area were the basis of the team's activities, and for the client a necessary condition for the approval of the developed tools.


  • As part of the ImmobilienScout24 mobile app team, we work in a dynamic environment to drive the company's business goals
  • Together we can adapt the tool to a new situation. For example with the pandemic, ImmobilienScout24 has taken steps to improve the app in order to minimize the need for physical contact
  • New features include a Contact Form that helps eliminate face-to-face meetings with tenants and provides the ability to show properties via video chat

Even seemingly small improvements often require advanced work to ensure they are effective when implemented. For example, a contact form was functional but adding new features required an almost complete code rewrite. Additionally, building UI must be organized according to the form flow library, and developers need to be constantly on the lookout for this.

The ValueTeam itself, does not let me feel like I am working with an external service provider. They are working as an integrated team within ImmoScout24, they are well-connected to other stakeholders and really care about the success of the product. I'm on a professional and personal level very happy to work with this team.

Franziska Schmidt, ImmoScout24 Project Manager

Two applications related to a project in the relocation sector

  • 1
    In Umzugfirmen-Check is a tool for searching relocation companies. Businesses can sign up and manage their accounts. They are rated by users and thus rankings are created. The application is integrated with the Lead Engine. This is a plugin that can be added to websites and with it, interested moving parties can make relocation requests, using filters to specify which kind of moving companies they are looking for. The request is distributed to 5 service providers. The user selects the most suitable offer and finally rates the service performance. This creates a database of ratings which are passed on to another tool Umzug Easy.
  • 2
    Umzug Easy is an application for managing moving companies with which ImmoScout24 cooperates. It is a back-office app - for ImmoScout24 employees who manually manage companies, price lists, areas, and other filtering options for lead distribution. The administration module is partially automated and is connectable to many third-party platforms.


Having more developers allows ImmobilienScout24 to respond quickly to changes. With other projects for Scout, we can easily exchange knowledge and keep up with any up-to-date changes. Long-term business relationships lead to a better understanding of the customer's technology and business needs.

The trust that a client gives us is proof of our good work. We aim to provide solutions of the highest quality and we are grateful to see our work evolve our time along with the ongoing appreciation shown to us by ImmobilienScout24 and we hope long may it continue. And we know more: the high retention rate proves customers are extremely loyal and happy with the product.

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