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Executive summary

Talon.One’s product allows businesses to trigger targeted, personalized promotions for customers and prospects based on their unique interactions with the business. The solution integrates seamlessly with apps, tapping into real-time data via a powerful API. Businesses can run flexible promotion marketing campaigns that perform, without wasting development time and marketing money.

Talon.One asked ValueLogic to create a plugin that would enable store owners who use the Talon.One system to bring additional value to end-users through coupon offers.

The talent and know-how of the ValueLogic team are very impressive. We worked with experts whose engagement in projects was clear from the start, and their code is always very clear and well-structured. Their creative approach and way of thinking outside the box allow for innovative design and exciting new features. We had a great experience working with them and recommend them all the time.

Christoph Gerber CEO & Founder of Talon.One

Process 1/2


When working for fast-moving companies, part of the challenge is always to deliver functional solutions, at speed, and on budget. The Talon.One project involved one development team creating a plugin that integrates with the system within three months.

From a functional point of view, the biggest challenge was finding a way to track user events in the store, such as logging in to the site, adding or removing the product from the shopping cart, and so on. This data was crucial for helping shop owners to make informed decisions. It had to be delivered fast and accurately.

Process 2/2


When building brand new sites or functionalities, the most important part of the approach is to carry out a thorough audit of requirements. For Talon.One, these were:

  • Integration with the Talon.One API
  • A unique URL returning the state of the plugin
  • The possibility to use coupons in the shopping cart
  • Modification of the basket depending on the coupon used
  • Collection and sending of customer data
  • Tracking customer events in the store
  • Documentation for the installation of the plugin
Process 2/3


The final product was a plugin for Magento which integrated with the Talon.One system. The technologies used were Magento 1.9, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One developer worked on the project from ValueLogic and, crucially, sent the solution for code review and comments before handing it over to the client. This feedback allowed us to make small improvements to the readability and quality of the code before sending it to the client in the best possible shape.


Customer value

Benefits for the business

The plugin is only one small extension to the Talon.One system, but it has measurable benefits for the business, for store owners that use their technology, and for online shoppers.

It allowed the company to widen the functionalities of its core technology and offer more to online store owners. Those stores can set up campaigns or coupons to attract customers and collect behavioral data to calibrate future promotions and marketing activities. And for end-users, there is the benefit of special offers and future interactions with their favorite online brands that are more tailored and target their specific needs.

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