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The digital values of business

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Digital transformation

From the business needs to the real solution

Feel the digital change

Before we met

Using outdated, ineffective tools

High cost of processes

Poorly structured data offers no actionable insight to the business

Higher risk of human error in manual processes

Wasting time on labor-intensive processes that could be automated

Getting left behind by proactive competitors, then having to try and catch up in a different business landscape

After our time

Increased visibility and quality that can be tracked and managed

Understanding of data sources, proper KPI design, and reporting

Process optimization and real cost reduction

Better working conditions and tools that increase employee effectiveness

Faster adaptation to shifting market conditions

Gaining a competitive edge



Digital products that give a complete real-time view of all 29 factories

  • Full digital transformation.
  • Replace classic data collection methods with digital methods.
  • Preventing production downtime and costly production stops.
  • Automatically guide the user on what to order with a simple solution.
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Creating a digital transformation strategy covers a wide range of activities such as internal processes, transactions, technological background. It means taking relationships into accounts, such as the way the company interacts with business partners and end customers, and how it measures up to the competition.

Krzysztof Litwin Managing Director

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