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IT Advising

How to use technology to get a
competitive advantage?

Let's review your technologies together and select the ones that support your business and customers.

You have the goals, we have the product knowledge to help you achieve them.

We identify the technical bottlenecks that are holding your growth back, and develop a way to remove them.

Choose a flexible form of cooperation with IT advisors

Expert level IT advisory

Expert level IT advisory

IT Experts fully engaged in your project. We develop software tailored to your needs.

Free IT session with ValueInnovators

Free IT session with ValueInnovators

Limited ValueInnovators workshops. Together we will create the IT concept of the future.

IT advising

Expert level support at
every stage of the project

Your needs

Looking for a trusted partner to help you with your IT decisions

Want to build a product that will strengthen your business

Planning a digital transformation

Looking for an effective technology solution for your business

Considering a technology change to jump on the latest trends now

Want to bring an idea to market quickly while keeping the highest quality

Our response

Strategic business consulting from product development to idea implementation

Verification of your existing products and redefinition of MVP development

Identify the direction of digital change and plan which steps will have the expected effect

Advising on technology tailored to your needs and budget

Development of roadmaps to quickly respond to the new market needs

IT advising

Free IT session with ValueInnovators

Our team of experts creates the future through technology

Uncover the possibilities from what a well-chosen technology can bring to your business. In a joint workshop, we’ll work together as a team to implement innovative ideas on your ground!

Technical Brainstorm will unlock your potential

Get to know us better at a free creative session. Let us explore all the technical possibilities for your business. The workshop differs from typical IT advising services in that during the joint meeting we develop innovative ideas ready for your business.

IT advising

From idea to fast MVP



Benchmarking and researching competitors and technologies that drive growth in your industry.



Listening to your customers' needs and gathering information about their businesses.



A bespoke approach from a highly interdisciplinary team of ValueInnovators.



A ready-made concept tailored to your goals.

Free IT session

The next step up to you!

Do you want to take this journey with us or keep the concept for the future?

Choose Free IT Session

The IT Advising and ValueInnovators session are not a contract to build something together. It’s a discussion with people who are living the technology and working with it every day to help you make the right decision

Michał Puterman Director Of Innovation

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