A Team as a Service

ValueLogic provides teams that merge with your own to form a unified force. The quality of our service is a reflection of the quality of our people and our solutions.

Team as a Service
Team as a Service

Software teams dedicated to your business

We provide you with experienced teams who have the technical knowledge to build brilliant software and the business know-how to produce the best results.


What does that mean to us?

A team that is the right fit for your business, and one that communicates and works in sync with your own people. By integrating our experts as part of your team, they become a part of your success.


What does it mean for your business?

TaaS teams are experts at integrating into existing work patterns and business cultures. They have well-defined roles and a leader who monitors progress.

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More benefits to your business:

Full controls

Full control

You retain control of the process thanks to an Agile way of working

Flexible solutions

Flexible solutions

You can accurately plan and budget, then quickly pivot if things change

Smart improvements

Smart improvements

Our technical skills and focus on project delivery are passed on to your people, improving your business for the future


and agility

Great TaaS work relies on seamless integration so that it's truly one team working together using modern communication tools and proven methodologies:

  • Daily connections between the team and the product owner

  • Unified tools like Slack, Jabber, and Skype

  • Task management in systems like Jira or Trello

  • Recurring synchronization meetings to share common goals

  • All external contributors are invited to our daily stand-up

We draw together committed experts, who want to be part of diverse and challenging projects, and who are open to continuously developing their skills. When you choose to build your project with us, you are inviting that team into your organization, which means you have a much stronger chance of achieving your top goals.

Marcin Juzefczyk

Marcin Juzefczyk Head of Quality and Security ValueLogic

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